CLOUDRANGERS aims to provide quality & affordable cloud infrastructure service to small-mid scale business.  We help businesses to adopt newer technology such as cloud migration, CI/CD implementation, securing infrastructure, mentoring team to achieve success.



Let’s optimize your AWS environment to deliver innovation faster.

.We can help you get the most from your AWS infrastructure.

  • Auto scalingLeverage AWS Auto Scaling to scale your application across multiple services in minutes.

  • ServerlessRun applications and services on AWS without worrying about provisioning, scaling, and managing servers.

  • ContainersRun and scale containerized applications on AWS ECS without installing or operating your own container orchestration software or scheduling containers on virtual machines.

  • Spot instancesUse Amazon EC2 Spot Instances to optimize your costs on AWS and scale your applications’ throughput up to 10X for the same budget.

  • Service catalogHarness the power of AWS Service Catalog to achieve consistent governance and meet your compliance requirements, while quickly deploying only the approved IT services you need.

  • CloudFormationImprove configuration compliance and achieve faster troubleshooting in your infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation.

  • CloudTrailUse event history of your AWS accou


Let’s build a sustainable system for delivering better software faster.

What we mean by DevOps?

Whether you’re new to DevOps or a seasoned pro looking for ways to improve product delivery, DevOps practices can help you create exceptional products and customer experiences, with predictability.

DevOps applies core principles of collaboration, automation, and feedback to remove inefficiencies across the software delivery lifecycle so you can accelerate idea-to-cash.

  • Engage and align stakeholders, including engineering and IT operations, as well as product management, QA/test, security, and more.

  • Automate everything with tools and modern infrastructure.

  • Create feedback loops that keep continuous delivery on target.

How we help?

CloudRangers embraces industry-leading frameworks, tools, and services to build sustainable systems for delivering quality software faster.

  • DevOps as a ServiceOur DevOps as a Service solution automates the processes in your software delivery lifecycle to improve collaboration, monitoring, management, and reporting. We build infrastructures that are fully compliant and safe from external threats or data breaches that will improve your new product velocity and business agility.

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelinesA modern CI/CD pipeline is table stakes for efficient software product delivery. We can help you automate your software delivery process to initiate automatic build, test, and deploy as your code changes. This is essential to achieving improved release frequency and quality.

  • Containers: Containers get software to run reliably when moved from one computing environment to another by packaging the software in a way that isolates it from variations in runtime environments. We can develop your container strategy to help you deploy software quickly and efficiently.

  • Microservices: Microservices architecture decomposes your apps into smaller, loosely coupled services that can be developed, tested, and scaled independently. We can help you use microservices to build highly scalable environments and support continuous delivery.

  • Infrastructure automationBuild, automate, manage, and support cloud infrastructures, and implement change, configuration, and service catalog management.

  • Engage and align stakeholders, including engineering and IT operations, as well as product management, QA/test, security, and more.

  • Automate everything with tools and modern infrastructure.

  • Create feedback loops that keep continuous delivery on target.


Let’s make your journey to AWS fast, productive, and painless

Why move to cloud?

CloudRangers was born cloud-native. And we work extensively with AWS. There’s simply no better platform to deliver innovation.

As the industry cloud leader for 12 years, AWS delivers profound improvements in operational costs, workforce productivity, cost avoidance, operational resilience, and business agility, providing value across the organization.

  • Business leaders get agility, faster idea-to-cash, and lower operational costs.

  • IT gains scalability, security, and operational resilience.

  • And users get immediate access to services — like DevOps teams that spin up new dev/test instances instantaneously.

Our process

We work with you at every stage of the migration process to ensure you get results that align with your infrastructure and business needs. We follow a proven process to ensure minimal downtime and service interruption during your cloud migration to AWS.

  • AssessmentOur team develops a business case for a cloud migration based on your existing infrastructure, current applications, and your objectives.

  • Discovery & PlanningWe look at dependencies among your current applications and determine the best migration strategies to meet your business case objectives.

  • MigrationWe architect, migrate, and validate each application in your infrastructure to accelerate your cloud migration and achieve scale.

  • OperationWe deploy an automated testing strategy to ensure everything went as planned during your cloud migration.


Let’s enable data analytics to empower your business with actionable insights.

How we help

We’re all-in on AWS with deep experience across a broad set of data and analytics tools and platforms.

We collaborate with our clients in data and analytics use cases such as:

  • Design and execute data migration to support rapid business growth and supercharge product performance.

  • Optimize data analytics costs without sacrificing performance.

  • Begin the build phase of developing a machine learning model by creating a dataset ready to support machine learning.

  • Automate data prep and analytics.

  • Implement a data processing pipeline.

The journey

The data and analytics journey to empower actionable insights for your business typically begins with your data sources — ranging from structured (like your ERP, CRM, or business application data) to unstructured (like email, images, audio, or video). Before any analysis can be done, we use data profiling technology to discover and investigate any data quality issues.

Once the data is cleansed, it is ready for data pipelining to migrate, transform, and integrate it. We use AWS Glue, a fully managed service, to extract, transform, and load (ETL) your data.

Your data is stored and managed in an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) data lake so that information is easier to find, understand, and relay.

Then your data is ready for analytics. We use Amazon QuickSight to create and publish interactive dashboards that provide actionable insights.

We help our clients develop machine learning models using Amazon SageMaker to support AI and predictive analytics.


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